Information collected from all site visitors
We collect information from all users and analyze the information to help us manage and improve the Web site. None of the information we collect involves your personal identity. We do not know, for example, your name, address or e-mail address. What we do know is the following:
  • The domain your computer uses when you visit the Web site. A domain is a computer address (not your street address) that you use on the World Wide Web. If you visit the Web site while connected to the Internet using America Online Inc., your domain is ""
  • The address assigned to your computer when you use the Internet. This address is referred to as an "IP address." This address is not your street address.
  • The Web browser you use (Internet Explorer®, Netscape Communicator® or other browser) and your computer's operating system (Microsoft Windows®, MacIntosh®, Linux).
  • The site on the World Wide Web which included the link you selected to visit this Web site.
  • The first page you visit on the Web site as well as all other pages you visit on the Web site.
None of the information listed above is used or sold for commercial purposes.
Information collected if you send us e-mail
If you visit the site and send us e-mail, we collect the information listed above, and we also collect the following information which identifies you personally:
  • Your e-mail address.
  • The text of your e-mail to us.
  • Any document, image or other file that you may attach to your e-mail.
None of the information listed above is used or sold for commercial purposes.
Public disclosure
While we will not customarily disclose any information which identifies you personally, you should know that information which identifies you personally may be considered public information under Commonwealth law. If the personally identifiable information is determined to be public information, it is subject to examination and disclosure.